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Company Introduction

Our goal is to significantly increase your business growth and efficiency

Business Sprints Agile Best Practices are built on a simple iterative skeleton with some rules. Proper implementation provides incredible business efficiency, however its introduction is still a challenge for all types of organisation.

Business Sprints is here to help You and your business. The success will come from inside your organisation, your business success will be built on your people's efficiency, and their motivation to make business efficient.

Our services provide you the experience on the best practice and its methodology, all as one solution to all your problems. Agile Best Practices incorporates - built on - the well known practices such as Lean, Six Sigma, Agile or Scrum. Implementation of Agile Best Practices will not just incorporate Your best practices but will secure the rapid development of all your business processes too.


Trainings are built on modules in which the depths are recognised by the need and goal of your company to achive and deliver maximum business value to your organisation and business. Popular trainings:


Our Agile consultancy services on corporate level, for the managements and for the production/service line are:

Other Agile services include:


“Ferenc is well-experienced Scrum consultant whom I can recommend to everyone. I learned a lot from him. He could always give me quick and adequate response for my professional issues raised.”

“I warmly recommenced Ferenc for any small to large scale management tasks. He has a long experience in agile management, in introduction of best practices within the company. Ferenc has already had a great success to turn large scale projects to agile by using the Scrum methodology.”

“I observed Ferenc experimenting with transitioning multiple teams in a waterfall environment to Scrum. He introduced the elements of Scrum step-by-step, almost in the opposite order as many would recommend. However, his concept was well thought through and he knew what he did. Ferenc managed to earn many benefits of Scrum quite quickly despite the fact that he had to train the teams on his own and the sad constraint that he had to work under the umbrella of a large waterfall project. All in all, Ferenc is a creative guy who doesn't get stuck at the first impediment.”